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Mixed Cases

Sometimes choosing wine can be a little daunting, but if you are keen for recommendations, this is a great place to start. All our wines are carefully chosen according to our high quality standard together with reasonable rate – so when you order, you know you’re getting a good bet. Easy-peasy, plus you can mix and match wines to make up a case of 6. So go ahead and shop with confidence, and if you need a little advice, we’re ready and waiting.

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Picture of Everyday Reds (Mixed Case)

Everyday Reds (Mixed Case)

All packed with delicious fruit flavours, these reds are ready to be opened and enjoyed today.
Picture of Everyday Combo (Mixed Case)

Everyday Combo (Mixed Case)

A great mix of wines with different varietals, styles and origins, made to enjoy now.
Picture of Everyday Whites (Mixed Case)

Everyday Whites (Mixed Case)

Sauvignons and Picpouls – a flavoursome combo of crisp, dry whites.
Picture of Choice Reds (Mixed Case)

Choice Reds (Mixed Case)

A mix of smooth dry reds that are flavourful, with great mouthfeel and balanced tannins.
Picture of Red, Pink & White Organics (Mixed Case)

Red, Pink & White Organics (Mixed Case)

Made in the most natural way, this is a tasty mix of wines from 100% organic vineyards.
Picture of Choice Whites (Mixed Case)

Choice Whites (Mixed Case)

A quality selection of various dry whites that are fresh, crisp and tasty – all suited to any time of year.
Picture of Organics (Mixed Case)

Organics (Mixed Case)

A delicious mix of organic wines, all made with grapes that are grown without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals.
Picture of Just Pinot (Mixed Case)

Just Pinot (Mixed Case)

Lighter in colour, medium-bodied and low-tannin wines, enjoy this quality selection of Pinots.
Picture of Bold Reds (Mixed Case)

Bold Reds (Mixed Case)

Complex reds with big personalities, this is a fantastic mix of full-bodied, well-structured wines.
Picture of Quality Oaks (Mixed Case)

Quality Oaks (Mixed Case)

Matured in oak barrels, these easy-to-enjoy Chardonnays are full-bodied with a buttery creaminess.
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