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Now, more than ever, caring and doing more for our planet is top of everyone’s mind, and in the wine world, there are varying degrees as to how wineries can be sustainable and green.

In some countries - because of their climate and altitude - pests, insects and funguses are not a problem, therefore making the wineries naturally organic and sustainable without being certified. In France, for example, certain areas are susceptible to pests, insects and funguses, which is why some farmers make an extra effort to reduce the pesticides and herbicides used. In recognition of this, they are awarded ‘la lutte raisonnée’ (measured control), or HEV (High Environmental Value) as it goes a long way to helping the environment.

Many wineries go a step further and are certified Organic, Sustainable or Biodynamic - but these certificates are costly. So bear in mind, just because a winery doesn’t have a certificate, doesn’t mean they aren’t producing wines in an eco-responsible way.

Being Vegan or Vegetarian is further evidence of wineries being more serious about avoiding animal products and using different techniques when fining and finishing their wines.

If during the wine making process, no pesticides, herbicides are chemicals are used, the fining is natural or without animal products, the wine ends up being better, more natural, and in turn ensures a cleaner environment.