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About us

Wines from various supermarkets and national suppliers are great, but they don’t work with small wine producers, which is where we have an advantage. Green Cellars is small, so we can source small parcels from family-owned producers, which you won’t find in the big retailers.

At Green Cellars, our wines are green one way or another. Whether they are organic, biodynamic, sustainable, vegan or vegetarian, they are all eco-conscious in some way. Many wineries maintain green practices, but aren’t necessarily certified, we believe they still deserve the credit and acknowledgement for being environmentally focused.

And to help reduce our carbon footprint, all orders need to be placed in multiples of 6, whether it’s 6 bottles of the same or a mixed-case with different wines, it ensures we always deliver full cases. We believe in honest pricing, so that you can continually buy from us knowing that the price is consistent, never inflated and generally cheaper than anywhere else.

Wine can be pretentious, that’s not us. We are grounded, honest and have a passion for wine. We rate our wines as GOOD, GREAT or OUTSTANDING, and simply want to share our range, in a relaxed environment where questions, thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.